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Study of a Shipping Box; casein on board; 6" x 7.5"

What's that red worm in the lower right?  Why are there bits of red and medium blue standing out?  Why is the inside of the box so hazy?

Are you curious as to why these seemingly incongruous happenings are preserved in paint? 

Even if you're not, I'm in the mood to address them.  So - spoiler alert - read no further if you prefer to create your own interpretations.

The "worm" is an early sketch mark - it's where I thought the bottom of the plastic packing would go.  Later on in the painting process, the packing moved up - but I left the worm there - I kind of liked it.  The bits of red are also uncovered early marks.  The entire table top was generally expressed in red before adding the various surface values  (i.e. the medium blue patch) and reflections.  The red bits poking through were never covered up because I felt they added to the story - to the mystery of the empty (or not) opened box.  Finally, the haziness inside the box is very intentional - it's layer upon layer of paint until I felt I'd got it just right.  Again, the haziness adds to the mystery of what was - or is - inside the box. 

As for the contents of the box . . . I mustn't tell . . . just yet.

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