everything but

Dawn; casein on board; 10" x 8"

The kitchen sink makes for an exciting subject.  So much of our lives revolve around it.  We cook near it, satisfy our thirst by it and wash our fruits and vegetables in it.  And when the children are young, we indulge them with 'water play' in it.

I'm lucky now to have a window above this kitchen sink.  When we lived in an apartment in Hinsdale, Illinois, we weren't so fortunate.  The kitchen there was a narrow-window-less-u-shaped affair with the sink at the furthest-darkest end. 

We lived in that 750 square foot apartment for 3 years with our 3 little boys.  Our next move was to Decatur, Illinois and into our first house - we lived there for 2 years.  Lansdale, Pennsylvania was the next stop - staying there for 1 year.  After that we were able to stay in Libertyville, Illinois long enough for the boys to feel at home.  Buying 3 houses in 3 years with 3 little kids seems crazy looking back on it now.  Packing up each time with all we had - everything but the kitchen sink.

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