little bears

progress in the miniature room
"And there were three little bears sitting on chairs . . ."

The bears' frame might need to get toned down a bit.  And likewise, the cow's frame could be keyed up slightly.  But there's definite progress being made in the Great Green Room.

More Clayboard is ordered and is on its way.  I'm more at peace knowing that's settled - that Clayboard will be my support for the foreseeable future.  There are three ready to go this week - so I'll have something to paint on tomorrow - and the next few days.  The new Clayboard will arrive Wednesday and will need 6 coats of Venetian Red casein - then be left to cure for 2 weeks.  That puts me out to the 29th.  Time to organize stored paintings and drawing?  Or go through my records?  Or make some lovely studies in charcoal?  Or do all three?

". . . goodnight to the old lady whispering "hush" . . . Goodnight stars . . . Goodnight air . . . Goodnight noises everywhere."

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