on board

photo of the desk - and a painting in progress

It's time to give Clayboard by Ampersand a try - toned with 6 coats of casein (Venetian Red) - and allowed to cure for 2 weeks.  That's what supports the above painting-in-progress. 

It's going well - albeit slower than the watercolor board.  I hope to finish it tomorrow - but there's no rush.  It's most important to give this support idea a chance.  It would be, by far, the best support for my casein paintings.  The watercolor board is easier to paint on - I'll admit.  But there's a host of other considerations that go beyond painting - like framing, shipping, varnishing, storing and exhibiting.  It's time to look at the big picture - and buckle down and learn how to make these new supports my own. 

With a cure time of 2 weeks - the pace here will slow down a bit before it picks up again.  Even so - I'm on board.

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