run around

last night's painting progress
First it was Staples - no they do not have a pliers that fits my embosser.  Then it was Bed, Bath and Beyond - they're the place to go for Soda Stream CO2 refills .  Michaels was a few doors down - so glad to finally buy more background colors for my mantel set-ups. Next, Office Depot - maybe they'll have the pliers that fits my embosser.  Nope.  Then on to Target for frozen organic blueberries and cinnamon - some things you just can't live without.  Lastly, the wine sale at Lund's & Byerly's - not to be missed.

Apparently, you don't need the pliers to emboss foil rounds - a shop vise will do quite nicely.  You also don't need to order a bulk amount of brochures for a single event - your printer will do a fine job when paired with Adobe's Photoshop Elements.  You can quickly print up a few up-to-date business cards and resumes too.

So after running all around yesterday morning, fussing over pr stuff in the afternoon and enjoying my dinner while watching Stranger Things, it was time to paint - such bliss!

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