marble madness

Study in Pink and Apple Green; casein tempera on board; 10" x 8"
Marbles have become a "thing" in contemporary still lifes.  Duane Keiser is the first artist I've seen who's used them extensively and with great sensitivity.  There may have been others who started this ball rolling (sorry - couldn't resist.)  But now there are many other modern day still life painters who have joined in on the fun. 

Above is MY very first marble painting.  I didn't set out to paint them.  The carnations were the plan.  Somehow, the vase of flowers kept attracting more objects - first the apples and then the marbles.  Everything ended up fitting quite nicely with the round shapes, glass, apple greens, pinks, sparkles - all in a lovely circular pattern.  The dark background and the angled lines keep it all from becoming too sweet - lending a bit of mystery and intrigue.  The cropped apple is important too.  I'm not sure why - it just is.

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