studio stillness

first notes
second notes
final painting

Progress images fascinate me and I'm hoping they're of interest to others too.  One of my take aways from looking at the aftermath, is the significance of when and why I find the time to stop to create these images of my painting progress. 

I remember it was hard to stop and scan the drawing stage this time. There was a revision as to where I wanted to place the vase and the drawing seemed 'messier' somehow.  I had to remind myself of how important the drawing stage is and how it's okay to show how I changed my mind.  The stages of the first and second notes presented a logical place to stop and weren't hard to pause after.  And of course, the finished painting makes for a nice reference when viewing these steps.  That stage is always easy to include.

I do wish, however, that I had made scans of what happened between the second notes and the finish.  That's when the true colors come out - and the lovely details emerge that solidify and embellish the story.  I would love to see the roots take shape, the seam on the bag emerge and the diffraction through the water explored.  Maybe that's why artists make videos - so that the camera can record the progress in its entirety.  Something to think about - if only for my own curiousity.

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