the math

on the easel; casein tempera on board; 8" x 10"
180 coats - that's how many coats of Venetian Red casein I put on my new Claybords.  There are 30 panels and 6 coats on each so - 180 altogether.  It got to be a wax-on-wax-off-zen thing - holding each panel up to the glancing light as I carefully applied the thinned paint with my new hake brush (no, I never did find my old one.)  They're all done now - and are stacked neatly in a box that is labeled with "use after January 1, 2018."  That will give them at least two weeks to cure.  Less than that would risk the Venetian Red lifting off too much with each stroke of paint.

The painting on the easel above will be 99 of my 100-painting Reboot.  It's not quite ready for prime time - a bit more effort on the marbles, spindles and petals perhaps.  Or maybe I'll sleep on it and come up with a different analysis.  Tomorrow will tell.

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