unexpected milestones

progress images of "The Postcard"
Milestones are an interesting idea.  There seem to be two types: the ones preordained - like turning 30 or having your first child - and the ones that you look back on and realize a major shift happened without your being aware of it at the time. 

The little painting in the painting above was done outside at the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.  I used a Fabriano notecard and taped off the edges to preserve the white of the card.  It was my first time painting outside with casein - and it was before I thought of myself as a casein painter.  I was just playing around. 

It turns out, I love that little painting.  It represents a shift that was barely perceptible at the time.  A shift to a freer, cleaner more expressive way of painting.  It's a milestone unexpected whereas the painting of that little painting represents a milestone preordained - the last of my 100 challenge paintings.

Step by step, milestone by milestone - wishing you all the gift of the present - wherein no steps are required - and milestones are realized only after the fact.

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