rough stuff

The Lemon; casein tempera on panel; 8" x 10"
There's been a lot of discussion lately on WetCanvas about blending.  Creating a smooth color and/or value transition is a bit tricky in casein and gouache - and nearly impossible with egg tempera.  Techniques are employed such as cross hatching, puddling and two-tone-brush dipping.  But mostly it's a matter of trial and error - each artist needs to find her own way through experimentation and through a dialogue with the painting itself.

When I painted 'The Lemon' I was very much aware of these discussions.  I knew that with a few passes of well mixed puddles I could unify the background as is my usual practice.  But the roughness works well in this piece - and helps to bring the eye back to the lemon - where things are much more refined - and well behaved.

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