settled down

The Lemon; casein tempera on panel; 8" x 10"

This painting was revisited today.  Initially, it felt like a rough treatment for the background was enough.  Or rather, it felt like a finished background was unnecessary.  Apparently the painting had other ideas.  It wouldn't quiet down and kept calling to me.  It's funny how that happens - but it's true.  There's this relentless beaconing that won't be stilled until tended to.  I actually gave it a lot of thought - and examination.

Earlier today, I covered the entire background with a silky matte brown.  That was progress but now it was too flat.  So I came back in again and added some warmer reds to the right.  That's when everything settled down and fell into place.  It's happier now - and feels more like it belongs with my other paintings.  Lessons learned.


Jan said...

I know exactly what you mean by paintings 'speaking' to you. I let mine do what I call 'marinating' for a while and more times than not, they speak every time I pass by until something is fixed or they 'say' they're really finished.

Mary Klein said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one! Yes, they can be like demanding toddlers - never satisfied until they get what they want :)