from 2013

Lincoln; oil on canvas; 2013

Lincoln's 5 and a half now.  He's old enough to come visit for a few days with his Grandma and Grandpa - and that's just what he did this past weekend.  He stayed for 'four sleeps' and in that time we played sword fights (with pipe insulation), bingo, had races, read books, visited the children's museum and the zoo.  This left absolutely no time for painting - which is okay.  I work 6 hours a day 6 days a week with the exception of days spent with my grandchildren.  Those are precious and irreplaceable - and, barring illness, are the only times the studio closes.

Above is a palette knife oil painting I did of Lincoln before he could crawl.  I love how the backlighting plays on his hair and outlines his form.  The reflections on the floor gave me another chance to explore the colors that surrounded him.  He's grown so much and is talking non-stop now - telling us about every observation and idea that comes to mind - and asking questions with abandon.  I love it all - and look forward to the next visit - when he'll have surely grown more - and will have new lessons to teach us.


Jan said...

Have been in to comment on this several times but something has called me away before I could post!

The painting of Lincoln is the perfect record of his babyhood. Don't they grow up so quickly! Mine are all adults or teenagers already. Seems it was just yesterday that the first one was born. Spending time with them is certainly a priority because they're grown and gone so fast!

Mary Klein said...

So true - enjoy them while you can!