new toy

on the easel tonight

the model - out of water - lets call her Gwendolyn
It turns out that it's a very difficult task posing a plastic fish in a bowl full of water.  You need to weight it down somehow and correct for any tendency of the head to tip up or the tail to tip down.  Then you need to counteract spinning - lest you dizzily chase the image with your brush.  So after attaching multiple threads, washers and a rod resting atop the bowl - your fish will more or less stay put.  But then come the bubbles.  Apparently, if you fill your bowl with hot water, you can minimize the hundreds of tiny bubbles that attach to the fish, the threads, the washers and the inside of the bowl.  Unfortunately, I learned this after filling my bowl with cold water.

All of the whining aside, I'm really enjoying painting this new toy.  And I absolutely love this abstracted stage where I explore the underlying colors and basic compositional shapes.  More to come.

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