falling down

Cascade; casein on panel; 12" x 9"

My book is coming along - rather, my booklet is coming along.  It will be 20 pages in length and will outline in seven steps how to make a casein painting.  Since this is my first foray into writing anything bound, I thought I'd start small.  My next book will be longer and more in depth.  My hope is this first one will show me the way.

One of the steps in how to make a casein painting is the spark.  By that I mean the seed for the painting - the moment you say 'aha' and begin to realize your creation.  The spark for Cascade was the gorgeous fall of the carrot top leaves and how they gently rested on the counter.  Everything else in the painting supports this idea and gives emphasis to it.  The way to actualize this, is to keep the spark ever present in your mind as you construct your painting.  Hold the spark like an ember and gently fan it into a blaze until the painting is finished.


Jan said...

Boy have you been busy! Really like these carrots and am excited that you're working on your book. (Yes, book as a booklet is certainly preparation for a book.)

Mary Klein said...

Thank you, Jan!

I’m using Blurb to work on the booklet. And yesterday I figured out how to add pages - it might grow longer now. We’ll have to see.

Blurb has been recommended by a few artist friends of mine. It’s an amazing tool to add to your toolbox. I’m excited to see the end results but I’m trying to pace myself too. I don’t want to rush things - it may take some time to get just so.