From 1981

In preparation for my rings series, I've been reminiscing and looking at old photos. This one is of my oldest son and me. We were tent camping at Rice Lake, MN - a place I revisited this spring:

Rice Lake Morning, 6 x 10 inches, oil on unstretched linen, 2007


Tracy said...

YOU were a hippie. I love you even more now:)

mary klein said...

You can tell? :)

Love and peace to you too, Tracy.

Steven LaRose said...

Check it out. There are blotches of paint on the left hand side. Thumb prints no doubt. Was this pic in your studio? Did you fancy yourself a painter then?

mary klein said...

I'm afraid those bits of paint are from my scanner - when I used it to scan not-completely-dry paintings.

Tracy said...

Were you really? You sure look more natural than anyone I knew in MN in 1981:)

It's a beautiful photo, Mary.

mary klein said...

Thank you, Tracy.

We were living in married-student-housing in the Cities at the time. It may have been one of the few places where you could get away with the "natural" look then.