From my Studio Window*


This morning, Robert got this photograph while outside and just beneath my studio window. So - while not technically "from my studio window" - it very nearly was.

After leafing through the bird books, we learned it was a Barred Owl whose favorite meal is mice. It's the time of year when rodents are storing up food in the woods and contemplating their next move. With Bard the Owl around this fall, hopefully we'll be dealing with fewer of these situations:
Late Mouse, 6 x 10 inches, oil on wood panel, 2006


Tracy said...

Ha, nice painting and pretty descriptive of life around here too. Somehow all of their predators don't get them all and Tracy does a lot of jumping out of skin.

Amazing shot of the owl. Beautiful.

Tracy said...

Oops, meant to say, her skin.

Steven LaRose said...

I also thought "Ha"
My traps need to be reset.

I keep looking at the olive background. I only occasionally let my eyes flicker to the "subject".

mary klein said...

Thanks, Tracy. The owl was quite a surprise today - they're so amazingly big - you don't realize that until you see one so close. And it was fun to post this painting from last fall - they seemed to go together.

It's a ping pong table, Steven, and it's appearred in quite a few of my earlier still lifes. Sometime's it's olive, other times teal and still others plain old green. It seems to depend on the "subject." Glad you liked it.

mary klein said...

Hmmm - I keep going back to my line, "...it was fun to post this painting..." At the time I painted it, the whole thing was anything but - it was actually pretty disturbing. That's a lot of why I painted it. I guess after a year, I've come to terms with aspects of it. Still, I wish I hadn't used the word "fun." Can I replace it with "time?"