Another (Outside) Aside (i.e. not about painting)

A wild turkey hen and her brood surprised me out back today. I was impressed with how large those things are - something that's driven home when you're less than 15 feet from them. Even the five babies were big - each were about the size of an adult wild duck. The mother watched me closely as I watched them, as closely as I dared, as they made it out of the woods and into the tall grasses - the babies nibbling tender little green plants all the way.

After watching them for awhile, I went inside to get my camera but they were gone when I returned. So I took this photo of the garden instead - which is just above, and to the right of, the grasses.

The Sunny Garden in July; with petunias, rue, green beans, pumpkins, carrots, tomatoes and morning glories - to name a few

updated July 14, 2008: I finally got a photo of them (through a window) this morning at 7am - the mother is in the center with her back to the camera - you can see a baby just below and to the left of her in silhouette - the other babies are there but are difficult to see

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