from 1999

plan for a mobile; ink on paper; 11 x 8.5 inches

Leaves; oak leaves, spray paint, fish line pivots, thread, glue, birch dowels and dust; about 30 x 30 x 30 inches

I decided not to put an acorn at the top of the mobile - but I still like it in the drawing.


mary klein said...

hmmm . . . didn't expect there to be sound as I don't have speakers . . . but was told there's a lot of interesting percussion . . . I'll try to silence things a bit . . . in the meantime, you may want to turn *your* speakers off

mary klein said...

ahhh . . . I figured out how to make a silent movie . . . but this knowledge came later in the day . . . when there was less light . . . I might try again tomorrow . . . to make a brighter silent movie . . . until then I think darker will be better . . . than random clunks and clanks

mary klein said...

better now

Ashley Bilodeau MOOSE PROJECT said...

This is great..
I want to start making moose mobiles and have been getting stuck on designs.

It's great to see how others do it.. helps me come up with my own arrangement.