If I had a Tattoo . . .

. . . it would look exactly like the grease mark, left by my bicycle's front gear sprocket, on the inside of my right calf, back when bicycle gear sprockets were greased.

I went to see the Minnesota Orchestra play in Excelsior last night - with a spectacular fireworks display over Lake Minnetonka afterwards. Maybe it was because I biked there - or because there was such a wide variety of tattoos parading past me as I sat listening to the orchestra - or maybe it was recently seeing Pretty Lady's lovely tattoo and then being reminded of Steven LaRose's one with all of its layers of meaning, or it could be, I was simply missing the good ol' days when we all used bicycle grease - for whatever reason, I found myself thinking about, and designing, my very own tattoo.

Fireworks seen from the bike path, over Lake Minnetonka - 2008, photo by Robert Klein

updated July 7, 2008: For more images, information and history of Lake Minnetonka, check out Chip Drewry's blog, Minnesota's Lake Minnetonka.


Steven LaRose said...

Celebrate your independence.

btw, A Cherry Note III seems to be participating with the background more than some others. It is almost comet like or spermatozoal. But still a cherry.

It isn't radiating light, or sucking it in. The light seems to be coming from the interaction of cherry and space.

The friction of existence?

mary klein said...

Your comments really get at the physic-al nature of these things - I really like 'friction of existence.'

I wanted to link to the post of your tattoo on your blog but couldn't find it - is it still there?

Steven LaRose said...

It took even me awhile to find but
here is the link.
here is the link.