It was a Veery

It turns out, the young Robin in my painting last month wasn't a young Robin after all. Bruce Morrison was kind enough to comment and identify it as an adult Veery. The image on Cornell University's "All About Birds" site matches my bird to a 'T' and their birdsong recording is one I've definitely heard outside my window. So the painting has a new title: Nature Morte; Late Veery. Thanks for your help, Bruce.

On the topic of birds, these two art weblogs have been catching my eye lately: Kit Eastman's and Frank Gonzales'. Both of these artists have a very sensitive understanding of the bird's form. Their multilayered approaches create environments where the subject seems secure and at ease - making it all the more enjoyable to view them.

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Kit Eastman said...

Mary, I just found this! Thanks for your comments!

I've been enjoying your grape paintings lately -- the translucency of the grapes, the graceful line of the stem, your compositions.