in Progress

oil on canvas, 20 x 16 inches

Every time I see those bright-green-tipped clamps in one of these photos, I cringe. I've been meaning to get some stuff to dunk them in to turn them black. Come to mention it, I think I'll hop on my bike right now and get some. Bye.

update at 4:30pm: I couldn't find any Dip & Grip at the two stores nearby - I guess I'll look another day elsewhere.
update on July 16, 2008: The bright-green tips slide right off. Since I'm not that worried about the clamps marring anything, that's what the tips will do - slide off and into the trash - bye.


Steven LaRose said...

I never would have noticed the greengrip. Instead, I focused on the wonderful horn growing out of your painting on the upper left. It could be a steaming maggot though. . .

mary klein said...

Hee-hee . . . that's a sweet potato in front of the vase of water I eventually put it in to grow it. I did three sweet potato paintings, thinking I'd paint its growth. But it took forever . . . and then I lost interest.

mary klein said...

If you click "previous post" - once - and then twice - you can see all 3 sweet potatoes . . . in the link above, that is.

Steven LaRose said...

All those little pieces seemed so lifeless (no offense to the late mouse) as if they have given up to gravity.

mary klein said...

No offense taken.

I hear what you're saying, though. There was a lot happening in my life right then. I look back and see a need for a lot of control in those little pieces.

The first one is still my favorite.

Live/paint and learn - thanks for being a big part of that.