Leaves Alone - I

Photo of a New Painting in Progress

There are more Studio - Moving In posts to do. Today did not see me getting around to putting on the doors of the large maple storage cabinet like I had hoped. I'm happy with the start of this painting, though. At this point, the background seems uterine shaped.


Steven LaRose said...

What a crazy wonderful photograph.

It is interesting that I HAVE to have a certain level of Mary-Klein expertise in order to appreciate the x,y coordinates of the threads and the ability to appreciate the craft reasons for flipping a canvas while working. . .. let alone the ability to grok an unexpected column of sunlight.

glad you are posting again.

mary-klein said...

Thanks, Steven - it feels really good to be back. Thanks also for grok. It's my word-for-the-day today.

I'll post again when I'm fully right-side-up. Apparently it's a slow and gradual process.