Studio - Moving In - III

Photo of One of the Two Small Rolling Storage Cabinets (far left)

Photo of the Large Maple Storage Cabinet (8' long and 4' high)

I refinished this, to some extent, a couple of weeks ago. Those four pontoon-like things underneath it are supports I made from 2 x 4's. They were needed to screw the casters onto. There are 8 casters in all and they do a nice job of making this thing portable. It was really important to me that this studio was flexible in its arrangement. It needed to adapt with a certain amount of ease.

Now I'm really wishing I had made a note of the arrangement of the cabinet doors. They're all just slightly different and it's driving me crazy getting them back so they fit nicely. Maybe tomorrow will be the day I stop putting off doing that. It's just a matter of approaching it methodically - at least I hope so.

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