And then Take his Leave

And then Take his Leave, oil on paper, 20 x 16 inches

"There is seldom any excuse for standing upon the sidewalk, to the inconvenience of passers by, and even when two gentlemen meet, and wish to converse, one should turn and walk with the other until the business in hand is disposed of, and then take his leave." from THE MANNERS THAT WIN. COMPILED FROM THE LATEST AUTHORITIES. - Buckeye Publishing Co., Minneapolis, Minn., 1880

Edited 1.12.2009 with a new image that includes the edges of the painting on paper.


Jeff Hayes said...

Hi Mary,

Congratulations on your grant; well-deserved!


mary-klein said...

Thank you so much, Jeff!

Prairie Painter said...

Yes, congratulations on your Artist Initiative Grant Mary!

...Bruce (enjoying your work)

mary-klein said...

Thank you, Bruce!

I hope you're staying warm these days. It looks like Sunday this will break - but until then, it may be wise for us to hibernate - and drink lots of hot cocoa :)