Virtual Studio Visits

On November 14 of last year, the artist Pamela Farrell, who also keeps a fine art blog, wrote a post titled Never Let Anyone Into Your Studio. With this post, she began the Interactive Studio Blog Post project - a series of virtual studio visits posted in installments on her blog. I was very fortunate to be chosen as the 10th installment and thereby violate Agnes Martin's advice to "never let anyone into [my] studio." You can read more about Martin's quote and Farrell's ideas on the studio visit here.

If there are artists reading this who would also like to partcipate, Farrell is still taking submissions for her project. The information on how to participate can be found in her 11.14.08 post.


pam farrell said...

Mary, thanks so much for posting this. Your studio and work look great, and I'm glad you contributed to the ISBP!

Pam Farrell

mary-klein said...

It's a wonderful project, Pam. I've really enjoyed the early installments and am looking forward to more.

Thank you for a great idea and for putting this all together!