Eggs on a Line

photograph of the first six in the Small Eggs Series

Here's the beginning of my series of 28 small egg paintings created for each day of February 2009. When all done, they'll comprise a grid of four by seven - not unlike my series of rings in September of 2007. They will differ, however, in being permanently mounted together and framed under Plexiglas - eventually comprising a single piece.

edited 2.7.2009: Synchronicity: I just found Make28 - a February project put together by Consumatron (via Deanna Wood's Artist Emerging blog.) Consumatron is challenging his readers to make 28 things for the month of February. Check it out here.

edited 2.17.2009: Make28 now has a following of good people who like to make things. They've been gathering together to share thoughts and images at their new website: http://make28.ning.com

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