from 2005

Unmade Bed, oil on canvas mounted on board, 14 x 19 inches, 2005

There's a blank canvas on the easel - and the paper-doll chain has assumed a different pose.

While moving forward with a new painting, I've been looking back in time for inspiration to make another print.

I keep coming back to this Unmade Bed. The colors in the white mussed-up sheets fascinated me at the time I painted it. How do I convey that feeling in black and white? I'd also like to dig deeper into the idea of awareness by absence of the human form. I like how narrative that feels.

There's a lot of visual information here to fit into a 4 x 6 inch piece of linoleum. This print may turn out to be a study for yet a larger print - we'll see.


Threadspider said...

Awareness by absence is a fascinating concept-I have had it in the back of my mind today whilst I have been going about various chores. As I planted my onions, I vividly recalled how my father hung his brown tweed coat over his spade whilst he planted. I am always aware of him when I work in the garden.

Mary Klein said...

Thank you for sharing that, Threadspider.

Your story brought to mind Vincent's and Gauguin's chairs. Objects that nearly become portraits of the owners.

I hope you had a good day planting!

eageageag said...

The jpeg looks lovely. We spend so much time in bed.

Mary Klein said...

Thank you, E - I'm glad you like it.

That's a good point to be reminded of. Time is so distorted when we sleep that we often don't consider it. But we probably spend about a third of our lives sleeping - and most of that time we're in our beds.

Kim-Artist Ads said...

This is very interesting reflects the reality:-)