bleeding hearts - a drawing

Bleeding Hearts; graphite on paper; 11" x 14"

This was a challenge and took me most of the day.  There are a few leaves missing but other than that it's true to life.  Luckily, bleeding hearts are very sturdy after they've been cut.  I really didn't see too much change as the day progressed.

The flowers are quite amazing.  Their structure is so complex and from every angle they pose a new profile.  And somehow, each of them had a personality and a slightly different hanging length from their little flower stems.  I'm glad I got to know them.

This was made with my Staedtler 6B graphite held in a pincher-like lead holder on Strathmore 400 series Premium Recycled paper.  I've been searching around for alternative mediums and papers lately.  Roz Stendahl keeps a fantastic blog where she, among many other things, talks a lot about drawing materials.  I've gotten some ideas there.  Also WetCanvas has a very useful forum on Drawing and Sketching.  Palomino Blackwing pencils seem to be surfacing as the top choice there - on Canson papers.  Hmmmmm.

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