from 2004

January at the Marsh; oil on panel; 10" x 16"
Nine years ago, I started this outside and later finished it in the studio.  I was set up not far from the parking lot of The Marsh - a wonderful local health club.  I remember having a lot of fun playing with the trees in the studio - "growing" them out of paint dots place one on top of the other.  They took on a lively-bouncy feeling that way.  It was also fun finding spots of different light coming through them and varying the color slightly with each one.  The cerulean almost in the center of the painting was a bit of whimsy.  It wasn't that vivid in real life.  Actually, there was a lot of color enhancing that went on both outside and in.  I tend to overstate my color and then tone it down as I go along.  Part of that is because I don't use any solvents or mediums when I paint - just pure paint placed first with a palette knife and then manipulated later with brushes.

I'm thinking back to this piece right now because I've been greatly admiring the work of Frank Edwards.  His use of color is both thoughtful and expressive.  And I love how he uses lots of paint.  His work has a real lusciousness to it.  I'd like to get back to painting more like that again.

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