Blue Holes; watercolor on paper; 20" x 16"

The thread above is a fine line of alizarin crimson - below it's the cotton Arches paper carefully exposed with an exacto knife after the ultramarine blue and burnt sienna dried.

The blue in the finger holes are a stage.

There are 5 drops of alizarin crimson within the wavy line.  You can't see them in this photograph.  You can only see them in real life if the light rakes the painting just so.

You can also see part of the head and back of the wooden manikin found in previous paintings - reflected in the right blade.


Olga said...

Wow! Such a tantalising glimpse.
I also liked the manikin painting because the attached thread was freed. Having said that, I am attracted to the tension with gravity in your suspended subjects.

Mary Nagel Klein said...

Thank you, Olga, for stopping by and for sharing your reactions - much appreciated!