watching paint dry

watercolor in progress

detail of a watercolor in progress

morning light coming through the trees and onto my egg painting
The first two images are of a new watercolor in progress.  The last image is of the morning sun dancing on my painting of an egg that I had leaning up against a door in my studio.
Last night I was in love with how the light hit the round table where the ghost lay.  It created a lovely glare which peeked out in a diamond shape under the ghost's neck.  I sketched the scene in lightly and went to bed waiting for the morning light to create the sensation again.  I wasn't disappointed - the morning light was even more delightful.  In fact, I started to see it all around my studio then and got a chance to get a photo of it dancing through the trees outside and onto my egg painting.  I'm inspired now to work these morning-moving-leaf shadows into a future work.  But for now I'll see the ghost painting through.  The wash on the ghost needs to dry before I add more details.  Watercolor teaches one to paint and wait - patience, patience.

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