laid plans

Over on Twitter I'm participating in #PaintSeptember - a loosely organized but very supportive group of artists who have committed to sharing images of their latest paintings with each other throughout the coming month. Anyone else who searches on Twitter, with #paintseptember as their keyword, can see the paintings too.

I'll be posting my #paintseptember images here in addition to Twitter but please do check out the other artists there - you'll find some amazing talent.

I've decided to use this month to get more comfortable with the new whites I've switched to.  (You can read more about my adventures with white oil paint here.)  In the painting below, there's an equal mixture of foundation white and flake white hue.  It was very nice to work with and now I'm hoping it will dry at a nice pace too.  Having used only flake white hue in my recent little self portrait, the painting is still very wet - and that was 2 weeks ago.

Day 2 of #PaintSeptember; oil on unstretched linen; 12" x 8"

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