onion bouquet

Below are two little studies (oils on linen; 8" x 13") of a drinking glass with water and five small onion flowers.  They're part of #paintseptember over on Twitter.  You can read more about #paintseptember here.

These little onions grow in a row by my front walkway - right in front of a tiny hedge of boxwood.  This time of year their flowers are covered with bees.  It was at great risk that I cut this meager bouquet :)

Incidentally, this arrangement was set up on my kitchen counter and my field easel stood in the middle of my kitchen.  I love how the under-cabinet lights play - and the counter height is a nice one too.

 I painted in the early (very early) hours of the morning - before the kitchen got busy.

#paintseptember day 3

#paintseptember day 4

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