clara's teacup

The china set that Clara, my Dutch grandmother, gave me is in storage now.  One teacup, however, has been kept out of the box - to remind me of her.  It holds little things en route to where they belong - puzzle pieces, bolts, buttons.  And every once in a while - it gets strung up - and becomes part of a painting.

In Time; casein on mounted paper; 27.5" x 17"; ©2013 Mary Nagel Klein


D Gilbert said...

Thought provoking, 2017 reboot looks productive? So what's in the box?

Mary Klein said...

At this moment, the only thing in the box is bubble packing.

The Reboot does seem to be yielding results. The main objective was to hone my casein-painting skills and I'm happy with how that's been going. The next step is to connect these pieces with people who love them. The Mayo Clinic will be my first foray into making those connections in real life - wish me luck.

D Gilbert said...

BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!, but I don't think you'll need it. Had a reboot too, western omelet at the W. Mmm.

Mary Klein said...

Sounds like a good Texas breakfast - enjoy!