send off

group of work dropped off to the gallery yesterday - all new casein paintings
After labeling, cutting backing boards and shrink-wrapping the above 6 pieces, they looked to me like they were asking to have their group photo taken - so I obliged.  They joined 7 other pieces of mine already at The Pioneer Art Gallery in St. Paul, Minnesota USA - all in place for the gallery's grand opening this Friday night at 6:00 pm.

This type of finishing work is best done on a separate table dedicated to the purpose.  It's got a thin velour cloth covering it and good lighting.  With a self-healing mat, an Exacto knife, pencil, pen and backing boards on hand, I'm ready to add the finishing touches before letting them go.  For the St. Paul Art Crawl, we decided to keep things simple and unframed - in order to keep the prices down and to offer easy-to-carry work for the patrons.  Master Framers in Lower Town has graciously offered a discount on framing for anyone who purchases the above work at The Pioneer Art Gallery.  Master Framers were very helpful when I asked them about how to frame casein paintings.  Per their advice, I've been including a one inch margin around the entire image.  The intent is to cover that margin with a mat - but, of course, it's the patron who has the final say.


Olga said...

I hope it all goes well with your lovely work.

Mary Nagel Klein said...

Thank you so much, Olga.

Best to you on your travels. I'm looking forward to reading your reviews.

And I love your new wheels! Nice way to go.