finding myself

white tin jug in progress
Three or four times a year I find myself in IKEA.  I'm rereading that sentence and am wondering if I actually DO find myself - in IKEA?  No - I'm pretty sure I meant that I somehow end up there without being willfully involved in the process.  It's more of an accidental-shopping-kind-of-thing. 

While I'm "accidentally shopping" I realize I'm actually following a very tightly orchestrated maze that's jam-packed with visual stimulation.  There's nothing accidental about any of this.  It was all meticulously planned - just not by me.

But it's all good.  Back at the studio I find myself - arranging a still life set up with a new little white tin jug.  I find myself painting it holding pink carnations - surrounded by Granny Smith apples - on a square linen cloth - on a round table.  I find myself sharing its progress with all of you - and then dreaming of its finish tomorrow. 

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