losing it

30 new Claybord panels
I looked everywhere.  Hanging on my taboret, in the garage, in all of my brush cups - my 2" hake brush was no where to be found.  That was last night.  "I'll sleep on it," I thought, "then it will come to me."  But this morning - nothing.  I love that brush - but use it rarely.  Maybe that's why it's never garnered its own special place - a place where I'll know I'll always find it. 

So there they lay.  30 new Claybord panels on the dining room table are now waiting for a replacement 2" hake brush to arrive by post.  When it comes, I'll coat them all with 6 layers of Venetian Red casein - perfectly applied with the velvety softness that can only come from a fine hake brush.  When it comes, I'll also surely find the lost one.  Life is like that.

P.S. "Hake" is pronounced "hockey."

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