round about

on the easel -eight stages of a painting; casein tempera on board; 8" x 10"
The round table, marbles, vase and blooms juxtaposed with the textures, colors and gradations of this scene have been a challenging but exhilarating way to spend the evening.  It will feel good to rest now and contemplate next steps.  Some changes are clear - I'd like the background to retain its lovely gradation but with less saturation.  It will also be important to strike a balance between finish and freshness.  I don't want to lose all of the initial brushstrokes in an attempt to create more "accuracy."  Stepping back - both literally and figuratively - is the best approach right now.  Time to clean the brushes and palette - and hit the hay.  There's a nasty winter storm going on tonight.  And my Hudson Bay blanket just came back from the cleaners.  Time to wrap things up.

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