driving snow

Carnations in a Round Glass Bowl; casein tempera on board; 8" x 10"
The snow stuck to windows and storm doors it was blowing so hard last night.  It's the sticky kind too - that adheres itself to branches and weighs them down.  For Minnesota, it was actually a pretty mild affair.  But the first one is always significant and is worthy of pause.  I was able to get out this afternoon - after the plows had done their work.  Happily, when I was off doing my errands, I mailed Christmas cards to some of you.  Thank you for responding!  And if you're new here, please scroll down to learn about my offer.

Number 95 of my 100-painting Reboot


Jan said...

I like all of your paintings but your florals really speak to me - this is no exception.

Ooooh, really, really dislike s n o w and consider it a four-letter word! But guess it's unusual for you not to have had any yet this season. Oh, well, if you've got it, enjoy it! Or, just stay in and paint!!!

Mary Klein said...

Thank you for stopping by, Jan! I’m beginning to think of myself as a floral painter too. But much of that is seasonal. In the summer I’m sure I’ll morph back to a plein air painter. That’s what I love about having four distinct seasons - you discover new aspects of yourself.

Thanks again for your kind comment!