from minnesota

Arboretum Pond; casein on Fabriano paper; 2013; 4.25" X 6.5"

Here's the little painting that's depicted in "The Postcard." It's my first outdoor painting done in casein.  If you look closely, you'll see a little tear in the paper in the upper left.  The tape I used to mask the edges was too strong and tore the paper when it was removed.  The tear is mended with archival glue but is still visible. 

Nonetheless, I really love this little painting.  I'm not sure I could sell it with that tear.  I'll always treasure it but will certainly part with it if anyone really wants it -just as long as they understand its history.

I've learned a lot about supports since then.  I now use Ampersand's Claybord - no need for taping or framing under glass.

There's a Claybord on the easel right now with a new painting in progress.  I'll post the image later tomorrow.  For now, though, I thought I'd send you all a postcard from Minnesota.


Jan said...

It's a beautiful little painting and the tear only shows when the photo is enlarged. I think paintings are a lot like our children, you can love them in spite of their flaws.

Mary Klein said...

I love that about them being like our children. When mine sell I'm glad they're going to good homes - it's a comfort knowing someone else loves them too.