more sprouts

The Onion Bulb; casein tempera on panel; 10" x 8"

The glass bowl is my new Christmas present.  It will be home soon to a Betta fighting fish.  I don't expect him to hold still and pose for me so I will have to use some photo reference for his paintings.  It's good, though, to spend some time painting the bowl from life so I can learn its nature - how it responds to light and color. 

The harlequin aspect of the blue background paper along with the color of the wall really intrigued me in this scene.  That and the way the light was magnified on the little onion bulb's roots. 

It's a tiny thing - but so necessary - the bit of greenery with the starkness of winter outside.  Speaking of which, I'll be trudging through soon with camera in hand.  Snowy scenes and a fish-in-a-bowl are in my future.


Jan said...

The blue is so perfect for this painting and you're right about the bit of green in the starkness of winter.

Looking forward to your betta fish painting - they are so gracefully fuid and elegant.

Now, snow is something else! Fortunately, we seldom have it here and when we do get it, it looks sparse and dirty! But, I know you'll make it sparkle and look beautiful!

Mary Klein said...

Thank you for your kind comment, Jan!

Are you getting snow with this latest East coast storm? If so, stay warm and know that it's fleeting. Ours, on the other hand, is here to stay for a few months. We make the best of it though. We even have a Winter Carnival every year - complete with a parade, ice sculptures and a magnificent ice palace!