in progress

on the easel  - in progress

There are 50 primed panels in the painting rack now.  30 have just been primed with 6 coats of Venetian Red casein and will be ready to paint on in 2 weeks.  The other 20 were primed weeks ago.  I calculated that when my stack runs down to 20, it's time to prime a new batch of 30.  That way I will always have panels on hand.

For those of you wondering when I'm going to paint bigger, I have good news.  10 of my new panels are 9" x 12".  If and when that size feels comfortable, I'll order more at that size and stick to that for awhile.  In this way, I'll gradually increase my painting size.  Ampersand makes Claybord panels as large as 3' x 4'.  We'll have to see if I ever make it that far!

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