virgin snow

Winter Shadows; casein tempera on panel; 8" x 10"

Before it's trodden, by man or beast, fresh fallen snow is truly a magnificent sight.  This is my neighbor's yard - it's what I see when I look out my front windows.  We're fortunate here to live in such a wooded area with the majority of the land left in its natural state.  It's interesting, after snows like this, to look later and see the animal tracks that appear.  Deer, rabbit, mice, wild turkey, squirrels, coyotes and foxes roam our woods.  But mostly, I've been seeing rabbit tracks this winter.  I was quick here though, and got my reference photo before the bunnies hopped through.  It was an amazing opportunity to witness virgin snow in all of its glory.


D Gilbert said...

Those shadows hug the ground so nice, morning or afternoon snow? I can feel the temp changing either way.

Mary Klein said...

Thanks, David - those shadows were quite remarkable to see and then paint. I'm glad you could 'feel the temp changing.' Comments like that make me feel I'm doing something right!

It was morning btw - just after shoveling.

Lawrence said...

I love this one! You really captured the feeling of a cold, sunny, fresh snow morning.

Mary Klein said...

Thank you, Lawrence - I'm glad this one 'spoke' to you!