longer days

Spring Reflections; casein tempera on panel; 10" x 8"

The days are getting longer.  It's an imperceptible nuance but it's the knowledge of the thing that does wonders.  It also helps, in these dark days of winter, to bring a little bit of greenery inside.  Gardeners call it forcing - as is forced bulbs.  But that term seems a bit harsh.  After all, you can't force a bulb, or any living thing, to do something outside its norm.  What you can do is offer it conditions it likes - warmth and sunshine after a cold spell. 

Lily of the Valley can be dug up this time of year (allowing that the ground is pliable enough) and taken inside where the pips will grow and put out their fragrant blooms ahead of schedule.  Forsythia is another good plant for restoring winter sanity.  Cut a branch and keep it in a vase with water and, after a week or two, it will reward you with its sunny display.  And for an economical jolt of green - grow a pot of grass (the turf kind.)  Most of us home owners have a partial bag of grass seed in the garage - especially if you have a dog.  It's a simple fix - but oh so lovely. 


Jan said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving us this beautiful taste of spring! Have some saved amaryllis bulbs which are finally putting out their first leaf spikes. That tiny bit of green is so exciting though.

Your painting is exciting too. Not only the flowers but the reflections in the glass and the metal and the clay pot looks like a clay pot!

Mary Klein said...

Thanks so much, Jan!

How are your amaryllis bulbs doing? They are such a magnificent flower - and their bulb is quite impressive too - a welcome bit of color and life in the dead of winter.

I painted the white tulips for the last time last night. They're too droopy to pose any more. But the daffodils are now in full bloom. They could be today's subject - we'll have to see.

Thanks again for your comment and kind words,