twelve months

Twelve-months-at-a-glance Calendar System - via Art Biz Blog
Making space for being creative occurs not only in the physical realm but also in the fourth dimension.  It's necessary to think about, rearrange and eliminate some our time commitments in order to make way for studio time.  A good calendar system can help a lot.

I got the above idea from Alyson Stanfield's blog: the Art Biz Blog.  It was actually a comment from one of her readers: print out monthly calendars from www.calendarpedia.com, arrange them on the wall in a 4 x 3 grid and when one month ends, replace it with the next year's month of the same.  That is, when February 1st, 2018 rolls around, I'll toss (or file) January 2018 and replace it with January 2019.  (It helps to have future months printed out and on file.)  What you end up with is a perpetual-year-at-a-glance calendar that can help you visualize upcoming exhibitions, calls for art, workshops, plein air competitions and outside obligations.  It can also point out ways you might want to re-prioritize your time - ways to make more space for painting.

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