photo reference

gathering photo reference in Purgatory Park - January 2018

Here I am - with view finder in mitten-ed hand - at Purgatory Park - in the bitter cold.  And yes, I'm wearing a skirt - and tights - and work boots.  It's all good.

It worked well to find painting material with my view finder, stomp foot prints in place and have my partner step in the prints to take a wide-angled shot.  It was actually a lot of fun!  We're looking forward to going out again next Tuesday.  That's when we should have fresh snow and sunshine - a winning combination. 

Next time, however, I think I'll wear pants - and thermals.  I love skirts - but my knees got pretty cold.


D Gilbert said...

Ma'am, hypothermia is often a result of fashion faux pas. I would most humbly and politely suggest encasing you and your partners brains in Stormy Kromers before your next outdoor adventure. Stay warm.

Mary Klein said...

Ha - good points - noted!

I once shared a studio with Konstantin Berkovski who moved to Minnesota from St. Petersburg, Russia in the 90's. Our St. Paul studio was freezing in the winter but it never bothered Konstantin. He'd wear normal street clothes with the exception of a beautiful fur hat. With that hat, he said, he needed little else and would carry on happily and comfortably.

I'd never heard of Stormy Kromers. Apparently they've been around since 1903 - which they proudly announce on their website. When I'm in the market for a new hat, I'll definitely consider them. Thanks for the tip!

Jan said...

I only have one comment - you're NUTZ being out in such weather dressed in a skirt!

Mary Klein said...

Ha ha - I think you might be right! It did remind me of the days when girls couldn’t wear pants to school. But even then we were allowed to wear them under our skirts when we walked to school. Good times!

Jan said...

Oh, Lord, you & I must be of a similar age. I was raised in a tiny mid-western town which was basically a Quaker community & pants on girls was a definite no-no! I think one of the reasons I hate snow and cold today is the remembrance of walking down our long, snowy farm lane and waiting in the cold to catch the school bus in a skirt!!!! My legs stayed purple all winter long even with tights!

The best thing I ever did was move South!!!

Mary Klein said...

You needed to have one of those little shacks built for kids to wait for the bus in the winter! Man - that does sound cold, Jan.

We probably are close in age. This is my year to turn 60 and my mid-western-home-town was a bit bigger than yours: Madison, Wisconsin. After our honeymoon in the Nicolet Forest (northern Wisconsin) in the middle of winter, we moved north to Minnesota. That was 40 years ago and I still appreciate winters but I LOVE visiting the south - such beautiful country! The Ozarks, the Smokey Mountains and Savannah come to mind.

I guess we each ended up where we belong :) So glad we have the internet, though - to connect with friends in far away places.