snow flowers

on the easel; casein; 10" x 8"

Today was a white-out day.  Every hour through every window was a whirlwind of whiteness.  The Minneapolis airport was closed, events were cancelled and we didn't even bother to shovel.  Tomorrow, we'll deal with the snow.  Today was one to hunker down, be thankful for a working furnace and paint sunflowers.  This is from a reference photo I took when there was still green to be seen from the windows.  A nice reminder of things to come - in a couple of months or so.


Jan said...

Hate you're having more cold and snow but glad you're painting something sunny and bright!

Mary Klein said...

Hopefully I can post this sunny one for you today, Jan. I worked on it again last night but wasn’t quite ready to scan it. It’s close though - just a few more touches.

Thanks for your comment!
- Mary