frame up

magnetic frame idea - clockwise from upper left:
in situ
on the wall
washers under the linen on the backing board
magnets on the back of the painting

Above you can see my latest framing system.  I have a good feeling about this one as it solves so many problems:
  • it's not too costly
  • fits well into most home decorating styles
  • would look great in a grouping for a solo show in a gallery
  • is light-weight
  • complements the paintings well
  • enables wet paintings to be exhibited immediately - important for paint-out competitions
  • would look great in a group show in a gallery
  • collectors could easily reframe later on if desired
  • it 'enlarges' a small painting and gives it more of a presence
  • it allows for the entire painting to be visible
The drawbacks are relatively minor:
  • the time it takes to make the linen-liner backing and to assemble the frames
  • the need for larger and more expensive packaging for shipping
  • the need for instructions to explain how to care for the framing system


Jan said...

I think this is a great idea & wonder if it would be even easier to use a magnetic backing board of some kind so you wouldn't have to worry about getting the washers placed exactly right.

What type of magnets are you using? They would have to be powerful enough to hold the painting over long periods of time especially if used by galleries and buyers. What happens if the frame is bumped or handled roughly during shipping? Does the painting shift at all?

Questions to consider but I think it just makes the framing process so much easier and also easier to quickly frame or reframe paintings.

Good job!

Mary Klein said...

Thanks, Jan - lots of good points to consider.

I use neodymium magnets from Gauss Boys. They're incredibly strong - freakishly so :) They're the same ones I've been using for years on my oil paintings done on panels. In fact, a few posts back, I showed a photo of oil paintings hung this way: LOOKING BACK. These have been hanging with no trouble for over a decade so I'm confident in their strength. Also, my switch to silicone adhesive means the system is even stronger.

On the topic of a magnetic backing: I've thought about that but haven't pursued it very far. Expense, weight and adherence to fabric were barriers that stopped me from going too far down that path. It would be lovely, though, to skip the "embedding washers into the foam core" step. Maybe, in time, another better solution will present itself.

And as far as shifting goes, that's where "instructions for collectors" comes in. They need to be made aware of slight shifts during shipment and how to readjust the painting upon arrival. Easy to do but not intuitively obvious without an explanation.

Thanks again, Jan - always good to hear from you!