in pieces

Pieces in Pink; casein tempera on panel; 10" x 8"

When I was moving this spray of eucalyptus around - searching for a new set-up - some of the leaves fell off.  That's what got me enchanted with the idea of pieces.  Eucalyptus itself seems very segmented - it's not a plant that lends itself easily to forming masses of color shapes.  Then came the apple.  I wanted another green to play off of the dusty turquoise of the leaves and to interact with the coral table cloth.  Cutting a piece off seemed only fitting - and then leaving the instrument of dissection further built up the scene.  I waited until much later to paint in the fallen leaves.  At that time, it became apparent where exactly they ought to go. 

I'll put the apple in my oatmeal tomorrow - along with a few other pieces: a date, cinnamon, vanilla and raw sunflower seeds.


Jan said...

Wish I could be more articulate as to why, but I really like this still life. I don't know if it's the dramatic dark background, the bright tablecloth or what but it just works for me.

For years we had a eucalyptus tree that we'd grown from seed that someone gave us. Our climate isn't exactly perfect for the tree but my DG can seemingly stick a twig in the dirt and it grows! It flourished for several years then just died. It was during a rainy summer so think it may have gotten too much water.

Anyway, having fresh eucalyptus branches was such a treat! Enjoy yours as we enjoy the painting!

Mary Klein said...

It's fine if you just say 'it works' for you - that works for me too :)

I love it when my paintings evoke such strong memories for the viewer. Thanks for sharing yours!