stocking foot

Espresso; casein tempera on panel; 10" x 8"

Have you smelled eucalyptus lately?  It's that wonderful aroma that hits you when you enter a fine florist's shop. Along with color, form, edges and perspective - I tried my best to infuse that wonderful perfume into my painting.  Maybe that's why it ended up being more impressionistic than my usual fare.  I love the excitement of the reds in unexpected places - and the calm-dusty-turquoise chair that's echoed in the spray of leaves.  And the inky depths of the espresso - don't get me started.

Gumby resting while I paint - with a sock on his sore foot

We're still waiting to hear from the lab regarding Gumby's biopsy.  In the meantime, he continues to improve - every day he seems more and more like his old self.  The stitches come out Friday afternoon.

He's very helpful while I paint - as you can see. Ever patient - always supportive - somehow I know it will all turn out okay with him around.


Jan said...

Awwww, what a sweetie Gumby is! And your painting is a beauty with rich color to brighten these winter days!

Mary Klein said...

I couldn’t believe he held still for that photo! But I’m glad he did - with his nose in my still life and that goofy sock on 😊

Thanks for stopping by and for your comment, Jan!

Olga Norris said...

Mary, I really like this painting. I love the inclusion of the secateurs and the coffee, and how they speak of a real life rather than just a set still life. And as Jan has said, the whole is just so warming. I also so agree with the wondrous scent of eucalpytus.

Mary Klein said...

I'm so glad you like this one, Olga! It was a bit of a deviation from my usual which makes me even happier when it's well received. We refer to the snips as 'The Felco' as that is the maker. 'Secateurs' is a new word for me. Along with the eucalyptus smell, this term will become another fond memory associated with this painting - thank you!

Mary Klein said...

Gumby update: The vet called today with the lab results: Gumby's tumor was cancerous but it is a very slow growing one. And since the tumor was well within the incision line, he was very optimistic about having gotten it all.

We will need to watch his other toes and be very proactive about any issues with them. But for now, we're in the clear and intend to savor every single walk, playtime, treat and cuddle :)

D Gilbert said...

And how does that wild looking beast like his espresso anyway? Apparently the eucalyptus spa treatments are working well! Good for Gumby. Like the picture.

Jan said...

Glad the vet thinks they got all the tumor and I hope no other ones appear. Give the little mite lots of love, hugs and treats!